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Neuroscience provides substantial evidence of the fundamental role of emotion in learning that settles long-standing ideological debates about whether educators should be responsible for emotional development (Hinton, Miyamoto, & Della Chiesa 2008).

If teachers are involved in intellectual development, they are inherently involved in emotional development as well.

The Advanced Skills Teachers (ASTs) involved in developing and trialling the resources in their own classrooms were convinced that the emotional intelligence of their learners was accelerated by teaching them group working skills using the hierarchical frameworks. At the time the structure was found to be a good match to Goleman’s model (1996) of emotional intelligence.

The ASTs experimented with a wide range of strategies for using the frameworks. They concluded that the determining factor for improving group-working skills was the use of the hierarchy rather than any specific teaching method used. That showed that given some guidance by the teacher the learners themselves were instrumental in developing their own group working skills and mediating the skills of other group members.
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